Summer Illustrations

Victorian advertising card

The vintage Victorian advertising cards come to us from our beloved Assistant Editor Phoebe Kate Foster. Her grandfather, it seems, lived in Canada as a youth and collected these cards. I will do some research on the history of such advertising and post it in August. The advertisements have a drawing or illustration on the front side and a text ad with product information on the back. Maybe they were the 19th century equivilent of trading cards or baseball cards. Whatever their history, they are glorious and funny.

The rest of the illustrations are photos taken in the 20th and 21st century. Some of them are from my personal collection and others came to me through friends and estate sales. Betcha’ can’t guess where my family lets off and the acquired family photos begin!

Enjoy this Summer 2007 issue of the Dead Mule. As always, it’s a personal literary journal. We consider our writers part of our family. For those writers whose submissions didn’t fit our idea of what this Mule will contain, send us another story, poem, or essay. Just because we did not print the first piece you sent us doesn’t mean we won’t print the second.

I’m slowly loading the archives. Each story/poem/article must be re-formatted for this WordPress version. Hang in there, Mule Writers, your work will re-appear online over the course of the next few months.

Mule Writers are superior scribes.

–valerie macewan
Mental Kudzu, The River of Strange
(stories of the Spatulate Center and Spencer Montgomery)