A Joyful Time

uncle brownie

American fiction moves onward and upward. It progresses forward in its tone, its sense of balance and its voracity. I have never enjoyed reading submissions more than I have for this issue. It is with a sense of pride and a feeling of true joy that we present this April Dead Mule to you all. Thirty-five short stories, most of them flash fiction, to entertain and intrigue you. And the poetry! Oh gracious me… this is just one of the finest Mules ever. We hope you enjoy the read. We’ve got essays, and even a book review.

Thank you, writers, for considering the Mule worthy of your work. We are humbled by your presence and your kindness because you gift us with not only your words but the hours spent creating the pattern — the ebb and flow — of your creative waves.

-Valerie MacEwan

-Helen Losse

and others…