Nancy Hawkins – "Hey Buddy–"

You want to see my grandbabies?  Three pretty little girls.  They’s my daughter Cheryl’s.  You know she married Robbie Hallmark. Them little girls are smart –. Just like their mamma.  Cheryl always made all A’s in school.  Of course, I wish one of them would have been a boy.  But she’s gonna have another, and this one, it’ll be a boy.  My mamma said so,  and she can always tell.

Now her brother, Luke, he graduated from high school three years ago.   Luke’s not like his sister.  He’s the athlete. He’s not so smart.  But that’s just fine.  A boy can be too smart, you know.  Really. Take his best friend from high school – that Jimmy Simms. He was  a genius!  He made this science project,   took first place in the state.  Even got a scholarship to some college way up North and went up there.  He don’t come home much.  Luke ain’t heard from him in a long time. He did come home last summer when his Mama died.  Luke saw him –said he ’s just turned into a Yankee.  Luke said didn’t even care who won the Alabama-Auburn game.  Can you believe that?  He didn’t even know we beat Auburn. Course, that school he went to, I don’t  think they even have a football team. Luke says was talking crazy too, said shouldn’t be fightin’ in Iraq!  Everybody knows:  If we don’t fight them terrorists there, we’ll have to fight ‘em here!

Now Cheryl, she went to college too,  but she didn’t graduate.  It didn’t make no difference.  She came home and married her old boyfriend. She’s just fine.  She nearly stayed up there.   She got a scholarship.  Had a boyfriend up there.  But then she come home, and Robbie started hangin’ around.  Robbie, he’s a good ol’ boy.  Not too smart, but a good Christian boy.  I’m glad Cheryl saw sense and married Robbie.  I didn’t want my little girl marryin’ that Yankee boyfriend of hers. I’ll say I kinda helped things along.  I think Robbie’s always been sweet on my Cheryl.  They went steady in high school.  So when she come back home that summer, I made sure her and Robbie saw each other a lot.  Hired him to work on the house, had him stay for supper, go to church with us.  And it worked.  Cheryl and him got married.  She  didn’t go back up North.  She was takin’ courses at the junior college, but she’s so busy with them girls, she never finished.  Don’t matter. She’s happy.  I think I did the right thing, putting them together that way. I felt pretty good, but my wife got all mad.  Said I should of kept my nose out of it.  Let Cheryl do what she wanted to do.

Maybe she was right.  But who knows, she might have married Robbie anyway.    It all turned out fine.  Cheryl does look kinda sad sometimes, but I think it’s because she’s just tired.  After all, she’s gonna have another baby.  Hope it’s a boy this time.  I’m gonna buy him a football.