Jo Neace Krause

This painting with its quirky touch of ‘onary self satisfaction has
drawn a lot of good natured attention . I painted her to go with a
story called My Little Night Job , later changed to First Crime. The
painting I think stands by itself aside from the story which was
first published in Story Quarterly and appears in the book, “The
Last Game We Played”, which won the Hudson Prize at the Black
Lawrence Press in 08 . On Amazon now.

I am by trade a visual artist whose work hangs in the permanent
collection at Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, Kentucky. I am
proud to be from the South. No one has been as good to me as my own
people, even the ones on death row grin and wave, or those. who
inhabit the picturesque towns of Shoulderblade, Black Snake, Dwarf,
Mousie, Fish Trap, Grape Vine, Hazard, and others fly speck places I
have known.. There will be a folk art exhibit at Kentucky Fork Art
Center, Morehead, Ky on June 2 and July l3 in which I will exhibit oil
paintings.. This is a wonderful little event. The reception is just
perfect , free cold beer and live music and plenty of food. The crowd
is just right, not too many, just enough. And trust me, the art will
make you glow..