This huge fiction issue…

Pantego NC Fourth of July Mudrun

Many of these stories are flash-fiction. We didn’t “label” all of the short-shorts on account of we figured you could determine for yourselves how many words the piece you are reading contains. Der. You’re reading the Dead Mule, you must be at least that smart.

The internet seems to breed the quick read (nice rhyme) and by doing so, she (the internet is female, of course) demands we hone our writing skills or perish (a slow death by drowning) amidst a plethora of descriptive phrases, excess verbiage and lonely gerunds.

We’d like to welcome all of these fine writers to the Dead Mule School of Literature Alumni Association. Our next Fiction Issue should roll down the Internet Pike in July, probably around the 5th because we’ve got the Pantego Mudrun on the Fourth of July and it takes a day or two to recover from such splendiforous mudlicious activity. Not to mention the heat…

Meanwhile, enjoy Spring. Dance around the MayPole. Bathe in the glow of yellow goomous pollen. Listen to the birds – they’re back! We love our Mule like a human being and we’re glad you’re part of our family.