Perhaps You Missed It

It has come to our attention that some poets have missed some of the announcements we have made, so we will say them again. We are southern and polite but we have lives and we have our own creative work, that we imagine is as important to us as yours is to you. We don’t want to argue about that, just to tell you we are artists first and editors second.

Book reviews and chapbooks are by invitation only. DO NOT ASK US about these; if we want to review your book or publish your chapbook, we will contact you.

Poetry submissions are open, but there will be a long wait. The Poetry editor is NOT going to read submissions until September, although she reserved the right to do so earlier, if she so chooses. If you don’t want to wait, send your poems elsewhere. The Dead Mule is becoming – more and more – a good place to publish poetry. That means, the competition is getting stiffer. Send us your best work.

When we do begin to read, we will read submissions by poets whose names we recognize first, followed by those whose poems have been in the queue the longest. That seems fair to us.  And we do want to be fair to our writers and editors alike; we are family.