Joseph Lisowski – Three Poems

Makeshift Calendar

Nature unobserved
is nurture wanting reversal—
an old man’s tears
young again.

His walking stick
should not bend
under pressure.

If only there was
little to regret.


Change of Season

Biking through
early morning shade
along the river,
the road empty of people.

Beyond blue sky
ice birds
with hooded eyes,
hidden claws,
on leafless trees.

Summer heat rises.
I pedal,
sweat on my back,
thick air everywhere.

The ice birds are patient.
In spite of urgings,
they will not yet
condesend to fly.


Sunday Morning Silences

Mist rising from the river,
cats still stretched,
sleeping on empty streets.
Leaves neither twitter
nor fall.
Flowers like
neglected still lifes,
birds tracks on dewy grass.

And no dogs bark.