Harry Calhoun's new book of poetry

Retreating Aggressively into the Dark

by Harry Calhoun

Presented by Big Table Publishing Company Chapbook Series

“In this mostly good life there are mornings / when I want to slip back into bed and curl fetal,” begins Retreating Aggressively into the Dark, the newest collection of poetry by Pushcart Prize nominee Harry Calhoun. From dealing with the death of his father – “his redneck ways and my newfound polish / rubbed each other raw; scruff / on sensitive skin” to the unsettling realization that though he and his wife are sitting across the table from each other at their favorite restaurant now, there will come a time when it will be just one of them, Calhoun draws us in with a subtle but masterful hand. Compulsively readable, Retreating Aggressively into the Dark is a celebration of each moment where contentment is… or soon will be.

in the late afternoon, two-thirds drunk

working a crossword and ready

for a long late-spring’s nap,

the alcohol rolling away the stones

of death and work and weight gain

and approaching the eternal crossroads

the cross we meet and bear and

choose or reject, but today even without

listening to Bukowski’s beloved classical music

that I love too, the world seems

for a time, to be

a reasonable place to live

~ “The world of Sunday afternoon”

“… a thoughtful blend of contentment and melancholy, creating a pensive concoction for a fulfilling read. Calhoun’s straightforward style, coupled with an insightful and delicate wit, takes the reader on an introspective and poetic excursion exploring death, love and eternity with eyes wide open to the heart’s ever-evolving survival. Some memories we choose to forget and some may never be erased, but if we’re lucky we learn to savor them as a part of life’s extraordinary offerings.”

Carol Lynn Grellas, A Thousand Tiny Sorrows

“Harry Calhoun did what any good poet needs to do – put his heart on the line and let the reader watch it bleed. His poetic retreats are safe havens for every reader as he shines a light on the dark corners found within any individual’s private closet. Calhoun’s poems are exact, without waste and provide insight to what keeps his heart pumping, what scars are earned in a lifetime of highs and lows and in the end, he leaves us with a message of hope, that through it all, there is a sanctuary at the end of the retreat.”

Casey Quinn, Prepare to Crash

“In Retreating Aggressively into the Dark, Harry Calhoun offers a sensitive affirmation for creating and celebrating each moment in life as ‘the eternal now and the eternal again.’ Calhoun concludes with the Zen-like revelation that ‘As little as we know / of death we probably know less of life, / we suspect, all our life is suspicion, guessing.’ Therefore life is the song, and ‘The song / is why we sing.’

Tony Zurlo, Quantum Chaos

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