Helen Losse and Main Street Rag!

When editors are not editing, they are often engaging other creative pursuits. That’s certainly true for me, Helen Losse, Dead Mule Poetry Editor.

Now you might recall that I took a sabbatical last summer. During that time, when I wasn’t reading and posting poems on the Mule, I put together my second full length poetry collection.

And now Main Street Rag has agreed to publish my book Seriously Dangerous.  You can read more about it on my Main Street Rag Author’s Page and advance order the book  on the Coming Soon page (scroll down).

Thanks in Advance.



The book is scheduled for release May 17, 2011 and will sell for $14, but you can get it now for $9 + shipping by placing an Advance Discount order from the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore or, if you are more inclined to pay by check, they are $12.50 each including tax and shipping.

If buyers want to pay by credit card, they need to call the card number in to 704-573-2516 between 9am and 5pm (Eastern time), M-F and the same price applies for credit card sales over the phone as sales paid for by check. The mailing address for checks is:  Main Street Rag, PO Box 690100, Charlotte, NC 28227-7001.

Please remember that ordering in advance does not mean you will receive the book prior to the release date listed on my Author’s Page.