Jo Nease Krause – Upon Being Asked Once Again to Apply to The Tennessee Arts Commision

Murleen is again invited year after year to apply to Tennessee Arts Commission for their spit in the bucket grant to individual artists. They never give her anything, not like when she won the fingernail design competition, and certainly less than the winner the Trigger Foot Chili Contest got at the Moose Club.

No,They never give anyone anything much
Yet nevertheless a thrill kicks over in the thigh,
At the very thought of what might happen.

This need to create is not glamorous. Not the deep wet kisses of a music teacher turning to you after the lesson.
Not the pretty little doll they gave you to play with at Christmas It is the frog skinned monster who just when you think you’re finished with what has burdened and obsessed you,
crawls back into your lap to get its scaly backsides petted,
scratched and looked for lice.