Laurie Kolp – “Childhood Memories” – A Poem

Childhood Memories

Leaves of green and brown
crunched beneath our soiled feet
as we ran ‘round and ‘round
the farm in childlike play.
I followed you so close behind
your trailing mane tickled my nose
like a feather from my pillow.
You stopped dead
in your tracks like a mule;
we fell down laughing
so hard we cried.
I raced you up stair step branches
to the top of the century-old tree.
We played tug-of-war
until our hands burned
back and forth
back and forth
with an old frazzled rope
that once held Daddy’s tire swing.
At last I peeled your fingers away,
entwined my legs around the victory
flying free as the migratory geese
landing in the leaves of green and brown.