Michael Ceraolo – Two Poems

Ode to Fire (Particularly in the Form of Candles):  Twenty-First Century Edition

“Silent outlaw”
“tardy and unpredictable”
“Of all
my friends
the hardest to handle”
the Old Age religions use you
when the use of electricity is prohibited,
the New Age religions use you
for aromatherapy and such,
erotic religions use you
in scenes of seduction
And yet
“You are violence and destruction”
“leap up and singe
the heights of heaven”
when used improperly as you too often are
We firefighters sing your praises
We love candles because they keep us employed


America, A Prophecy:  Twenty-First Century Edition

America and Albion are now allies,
engaged in the latest unacknowledged though undeniable Crusade,
deforming the ancient heavens with shame & woe and enormous plagues
Bush & Blair & Rice & Straw and the rest of the trans-Atlantic cabal
(the names will change though the activities will remain the same)
sound loud the war trumpets and alarm most of the Fifty Angels
(several others wait, continually denied Angel rating)
And the citizens of New York
and the mariners of Massachusetts
and the poets and playwrights of Pennsylvania
and millions of others protest to no avail;
the red flames of counter-Orc are unleashed
and soft shudderings shake the faith of all nations
who possess the magic petroleum reserves