April Issue

Fabulous, isn’t it? We’re not through yet. It’s April Fool’s Day but we’re not kidding about the quality of this month’s poetry… it is as good as it gets! From Tim Peeler to Carter Monroe to Cathy Smith Bowers and then back around to 26 other poets!! I mean it, wowowowow.

We’ll add fiction and essays by the fourth (yes, we call it Fiction by the Fourth here on the First). Phoebe Kate’s been reading her eyeballs to the bone and she’s chosen some fine work that will coming up here in just a bit.

Enjoy the work by Jack Niven, whose art illustrates the poetry section right now but will be featured in our essays and fiction later on in the month. Read about Jack here on the Mule [with links to his website and more] and also, check out his art online at the Martine Chaisson Gallery.

Let’s all give a whopping round of applause to Helen Losse for this superb issue. She works diligently all year long to assure that the Poetry Issue will be the crowning achievement of the year for our Mule. The April Poetry Month issue of the Dead Mule illustrates what we show you all year long, every issue, month in, month out — the Dead Mule kicks ass.

Read more about Jack Niven in here in the blog section or in essays (it’s the same thing, published twice, just to make damn sure ya’ll read it.)

Peace and Prosperity (as Jimmy says and you know what I mean if you watch “Intelligence”)

–Valerie MacEwan