2013, how odd is it to type that?

Welcome to 2013. Welcome to the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Welcome to 2013!

We love your writing and we look forward to reading your submissions. Not every thing you send us is accepted BUT that does not mean it is unacceptable. Your writing could very well be superb. What happens is, with all well-thought out and influential journals … what happens is that we can’t take every piece we are sent. So if what you’ve sent is “not for the Mule”, it doesn’t mean the next submission will meet the same fate. Keep sending, we’ll keep reading. We promise to read every submissions and to comment upon it. That said, please understand such a promise requires true commitment and a large chunk of our time. Patience is a virtue. Anyone who’s ever met a mule knows this.

With the best wishes and thoughts to all of you

welcome to 2013

The Mule Staff

including but certainly not limited to:

Phoebe Kate Foster
Helen Losse
Valerie MacEwan

and more.