Kathy Ferrell: Two Poems and a Haiku



The sassafras tree’s
dressed in October mittens
waving scarlet red.

Warm and cold at once,
twitching fragile thumbs she shakes
and thinks of winter.


The Kingdom of Half-Assed Done

There’s never a task completed
so we never have any fun.
Peace of mind’s been soundly defeated
in the Kingdom of Half-Assed Done.

The faucets are all leaking
and each nail is halfway out.
I’m so used to seeing duct tape
that there’s not a shred of doubt

that I’m going to the nuthouse
’cause this battle I’ve not won,
to tell the loonies that I was Queen
of the Kingdom of Half-Assed Done.


Honey BooBoo Child
Oh, God, the seal is broken.
Behold the Horseman.