Working Hard While Hardly Working


As we diligently prepare a new website for all our Dead Mule readers and writers, we’ll attempt to keep you up to date on this wordpress site. And we’ll post links to the info provided here on the page. Submissions are not closed — the yellow brick road to submitting is a tad bit obscure to locate. See bottom of this post. Pay no attention to the deadlines on Submittable, we’ll change those soon.

Gosh yall, we can’t wait to read and choose from the 102 new submissions rec’d in May. Whoops, got our hands/brains full with that!

Thank you for all your love and support. Twenty years makes us fabulous. Twenty years shows our commitment to writers. We’d love to put together a Wikipedia page about the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature with all of our bone feedays, so if any of you out there within the sound of my keyboard do a lot of editing or writing on Wikipedia, I could use some help. Got the info — haven’t written anything like a wiki entry in a long time.

Thanks for being here… we’ll let you know as soon as you get some writing on here, fiction and all that jazz.

By the way, the poet Jonathan Claybourne will be the Mule Poetry Editor beginning soon. You can submit poetry or fiction or anything else by going to Submittable.

Here’s the submission link:

Dead Mule Submissions