Robert Thompson: Potty Mouth Philosophers

Southern Legitimacy Statement:
There is a warmness to the South. Beyond the obvious, the steamy summers and Goddawful humidity, its native peoples don’t hesitate to pass the offering plate for Ms Jenny’s nephew who came down with a dreadful ailment or to stand shirtless in January to get folks to donate a coat to the homeless shelter or drop a note in the mail to let you know they are thinking of you. That’s enough to send the warm fuzzies down your spine.

Southern culture is in my bones, and I’ll never be able to escape it- nor should I try.

Potty Mouth Philosophers

“Jesus Loves You”
“Sigma Chi Sux”
These are the words inscribed by our greatest poets,
promising policy makers- our constipated companions.
The century and half aged walls of Wesleyan surely appreciate the wisdom of the sages
And promise to display for all occupants of stall B on floor 1 the enduring legacies of these seated philosophers.
Shit or get off the pot!