You Can Teach a Dead Mule New Tricks

What will you find published in this site? Bits and pieces published on the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature from 2007 back. Most of the writing was formatted for this blog space in 2016 but the original publication dates were much earlier. My intention, back in 2016, was to remove posts from this site and place them on There are over 1,400 posts here, poetry, essays, fiction and more. The task overwhelmed me and then BLAMMO! I realized, once published is enough. Being here is enough.

The Mule’s been online for over 25 years now. Incredible. I did take a brief break in 2006 during the eldercare years. The Mule was static for a couple months, no new content yet it continued to exist online. That’s the only time it varied from its monthly publishing schedule.

If you found this WordPress space, good for you! You are in for a real treat. I think you’ll find plenty to entertain and amuse, food for thought, cutting edge writing… you name it. You’ve stumbled upon a real treasure chest of fabulous content.

Right now, this very moment, on July 20, 2021, the Dead Mule site is being attacked by bots bent on accessing it and doing hell if I know what. It’s been going on for three days, non-stop. I am warned, via email, of the login attempts via an app on my Managed WordPress site, hosted by GoDaddy. It is irritating and and slows down the Mule loading. I went to managed wordpress years ago and while it is expensive, this sort of intrusion is the reason I pay so much to keep the Dead Mule online. It costs over $500 a year to maintain this website. I receive zero funding from any outside source. The Dead Mule is not affiliated with any university, college, association or publication other than itself. It carries no advertising and requests no reading fees.

Currently (as I said, July 2021) the Mule is not accepting submissions. Issues scheduled through December 2021 are full. Submissions, via Submittable, will undoubtedly open back up in late fall of this year.

Best of luck, best of days, good wishes and salutations. Covid still ravages the world at this time. It is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Everyone, from age 15 to 66, in my family is vaccinated. We truly hope the same can be said for you and yours.