New Mule on June 3, 2020

We’ve changed the format of the Formal Dead Mule School of Literature website, at and we’re mighty pleased. If … More

Dead Mule

… the mule is coming back, we loaded the newest Mule issues here on and we’re pretty skippy proud … More

Carroll Leggett: sis claire

Southern Legitimacy Statement: To start with, I can’t find your so-called “Southern Legitimacy Statement” on this website, so you can just … More

Reine Bouton: Moving On

  My SLS: Native New Orleanian. Lover of family, jazz, grits, gumbo, Mardi Gras, porches, and Pimm’s Cup.  Besides living … More

Jake Ford: Sacrifice

Southern Legitimacy Statement (redux): ’m a fifth generation East Tennessean. I’ve cleared fields, dug post holes, chopped wood, and hauled hay. … More

Allison Thorpe: Four Poems

Southern Legitimacy Statement:  I’ve swallowed moonshine and lived to brag about it; escaped a copperhead’s randy tongue; ridden a tobacco setter … More

Matt Starr: Phoenix

Southern Legitimacy Statement: I’m so Southern that it’s literally the only thing I know how to write about. I was … More

JL Myers: Martyrs

Southern Legitimacy Statement: Generations of men in my family proudly have the middle name Leroy, including myself. And all of … More