Dead Mule

… the mule is coming back, we loaded the newest Mule issues here on and we’re pretty skippy proud … More

What is the south coming to?

Help the best of “The South” stay as is. Let the bitter past be studied — not re-lived — and let us not seek to destroy a unique culture.

Made it through the holidays …

I find more and more that the stories surround, and revolve around, the joys that are grand-kids. Having six of said creatures I have plenty of raw material to choose from. I also congratulate myself on not killing their mothers when they were teenagers, although I was sorely tempted at times.

Online and On Time

I don’t know what that means but it sounds good — doesn’t it? On time. For a literary journal, “on … More

Valerie MacEwan: Matthew Rose and “The Letters”

Recasting the throw-aways and detritus, the overheard and misspelled, the artist has fashioned a large expository drama that serves as fragmented window into our collective Zeitgeist. Sex, love, death, politics, aesthetics and the muddled semiotics of our age all find a place in this body of work and beckon the viewer to read, decipher and unravel. The pieces in The Letters resonate with an enigmatic poetic presence. The result is a significant body of work by an important American artist…

In Loving Memory

* * The 2013 April (Poetry Month) Issue of the Dead Mule is dedicated to the memory of Elsie R. … More