“No good Southern fiction (poem, essay)
is complete without a
Dead Mule”

Online since 1996, the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature represents the best, the finest, the most comprehensive compilation of original contemporary literature on the internet. Not kidding, twenty-five years online gives us bragging rights over most every other online journal. Our publication credo? Provide readers with the best writing we can find on a consistent basis, month in, month out. We’ve hosted writing by poets laureate, mule skinners, horse traders and hornswagglers. While currently focusing our attention on the monthly publication of new material, we have little HTML elves working diligently in the background restoring the “hacked” database from the 1996 through 2006 and that writing will be available in the future, once again, on the Mule.

This reloaded Mule contains many errors, fubarred formats and ersatz text. Reader beware. Slowly working my way through it all, but there are over 1,400 entries here so it’s going to take a while. Celebrating 25 years of publishing and editing.  A shout-out to GoDaddy for this managed WordPress account. While publishing and maintaining the Mule is a rather expensive endeavor, my husband and I hope to continue for years to come (26 and counting, in 2022). The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature is not affiliated with any organization, university, or publishing endeavor other than itself.

Valerie MacEwan: Editor / Publisher

Valerie MacEwan and her husband Robert put the Dead Mule online in 1996 as an adjunct site to a local business directory. The original Dead Mule Literary Journal, a print magazine, was born from a NC Arts Council grant received in 1996. After paying for a print edition, the magazine went online and has been online — continuously — for twenty years. MacEwan is an award -winning Assemblage Artist as well as a writer and she’s dedicated to keeping this Mule online for another twenty-six years. Visit the website for today’s Mule.