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“No good Southern fiction, poetry or essay is complete without a dead mule.”

Celebrate the Mule! Celebrate the Jackalope, a Southern friend to all. Kinda’ like a bullfrog, it gets into your memory and burrrreeeeps its way out.

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From the original Mule Statement of Reason, 1996:

We appreciate all the quirks, follies, and faults that have brought the region to where it is today. If our beloved “below the Mason-Dixon Line” self gives way to the influences of a status quo world which requires all people to be of one idea ”to walk in lock-step with all others” — we cease to be The South.

Simply put ”Let us celebrate the individual”. The South revels in individuality. Freedom and the right to be southern. It’s not a curse-word, or a curse. It’s just little old us. Not one race, not one religion, and certainly not just one cause!

The South contains all sides of all arguments.

Help the best of The South stay as is. Let the bitter past be studied not re-lived and let us not seek to destroy a unique culture.

Remember, please, we are not simply a bunch of back-ass swamp-dwelling moonshine-drinking coon-hunting mother lovers. We are ” arguably” the last true bastion of individuality left in the US. The Dead Mule Southern Legitimacy Statement is about describing those things which are uniquely southern, wherever you are.

We are Carolina Dogs and Coon Jumping Mules, raccoons and possums, and all things that go bump in the night. All the humidity makes us really testy at times but sweet tea heals all wounds.