Kevin Winter – What The Storm Did

Southern Legitimacy Statement: A snapshot of the South. A line of watermelons laid out in the grass. The road, just glorified gravel. My wife pointing through the windshield at the hand-painted cardboard leaning against the fence post. A smile playing across her face in the shifting sunshine. An empty gumdrop jar gleaming beside the cardboard sign. “Take a melon” on one line, “Leave a dollar” on the next.

Kevin Winter – "A Young Man, Once"

Southern Legitimacy Statement:
I grew up on the outskirts of a small Mississippi town in a house at least a mile from the first paved road. My brothers and I made games out of throwing red clay clods at one another. My mother has never been able to extract the letter R out the word “wash”. I married my high school sweetheart. Her great-grandmother sat on her porch and listened to the cannons of Shiloh. I get chills at “A Country Boy Can Survive”. I wouldn’t change a thing.